Kris Kopperhead

Born:  September 17, 1991

Birthplace:  Cobra Creek, Colorado

Currently Residence:  Cobra Creek, Colorado

Years Competing In A Monster Truck:  Rookie

Most Memorable Moment In Monster Trucks:  Getting the call from Colt Cobra to drive SNAKE BITE!

Career Highlights:  I’ve got some highlights in the making, so keep an eye out!

Why Did You Become A Snake Bite Driver?:  To beat BIGFOOT of course!

What Do You Like Most About Being A Snake Bite Driver:  Getting to meet all of my great and loyal Snake Bite fans.  Their enthusiasm and excitement is what drives me to get better and stronger.

Favorite Place To Do A Show:  I’m cold blooded, so anywhere that is warm and sunny.

Something I Want To Try With Snake Bite:  A backflip!

Describe What Being A Monster Truck Driver Is Like:  It’s the best adrenaline rush you could get and a wild ride!

Hobbies:  Eating and exercising.

Favorite Types Of Music:  Hard rock, metal and classic rock.

Favorite Type Of Food:  Any kind of breakfast food, especially steak and eggs.

Describe Yourself:  I’m hard to handle and I do not play well with others, especially any time a BIGFOOT driver comes near me.  However, when you get to know me, you’ll see that I am actually a cool guy that loves his Snake Bite fans!


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